Right Worshipful James L. Porter 32°                   Territorial Grand Master 

Right Worshipful Charles Davis 32°                      Grand Marshall

Right Worshipful Dorsey Hutchinson 33°              Grand Senior Deacon

Right Worshipful Milton Baker 32°                         Grand Junior Deacon

Right Worshipful Jimmie Witherspoon 33°            Grand Senior Steward

Right Worshipful Michael Vaughan 32°                 Grand Junior Steward  

Right Worshipful John Brown 32°                          Grand Assistant Secretary

Right Worshipful Robert Sykes                              Grand Assistant Chaplain

Right Worshipful James T. Golden, Esq.               Grand Counselor 

Right Worshipful Joe Adams 33°                           Grand Architect

Right Worshipful Robert Nivens Sr. 33°                 Grand Lecturer

Right Worshipful Bobby R. Henry Sr. 32°              Grand Publicist

Right Worshipful Albert Page Sr.                           Grand Photographer

Right Worshipful Demetrics Anderson                   Grand Webmaster

Right Worshipful Willie J. Haulstead 32°                Grand Executive Youth Director

Right Worshipful Willie Clark 32°                           Grand Worthy Patron

Right Worshipful Willie J. Dennis 32°                     Grand Associate Patron 

Right Worshipful Ronald Robinson 32°                  Grand Sentinel

Grand Lodge Trustees

R.W. James L. Porter 32°

M.W. Alexander H. Smith 33°

R.W. Anthony Salary 32°


Council of Past Grand Masters

P.G.M. Mark S. Jordan Sr. 33°                        (33rd Grand Master)

P.G.M. Joshua D. Scruggs 33°                       (32nd Grand Master)

P.G.M. Kenneth C. Holley 33°                         (31st Grand Master)

P.G.M. C. Brian Hart 33°                                 (30th Grand Master)

P.G.M. Alexander H. Smith 33°                       (29tGrand Master)

P.G.M. Kenneth M. Yates 33°                          (28th Grand Master)

P.G.M.W. L. Campbell 33°                               (26th Grand Master)

Education and Youth Directors

R.W. Willie Haulstead, Grand Youth Director

M.W. Alexander H. Smith 33°

R.W. William Gillard 32°

R.W. Willie Clark 32°

R.W. Arthur Jones, 33°

Bro. Markice Hayes


District Deputy Grand Masters  

District #1

R.W. William Gillard, 32°

R.W. Jimmie Witherspoon, 32°

R.W. Jesse R. Barge, 33°

District #2

R.W. John Simmons, 33°

R.W. Douglas Harell, 33°

R.W. Shannon R. Flowers, 32°

District #3

R.W. Alvin Dozier, 33°

R.W. Milton Baker, 32°

R.W. Edward Sapp Jr., 32°

District #4

R.W. Joe Adams, 33°

R.W. William Bradley, 32°

R.W. Alvin Kilgore, 32°

District #5

R.W. Phillip Harderman, 32° 

R.W. Gregory L. Dunton, II 33°

District #6

R.W. Johnny Adams, 32°

District #7

R.W. Alfonzie Brown, 33°

District #8

R.W. Arthur Jones, 33°

R.W. Samuel Blue, 33°

District #9

R.W. Raymond Higgins, 33°

R.W. Paul Fields, 32°

District #10

R.W. James McCrae, 33°

R.W. Willie Griffin, 32°

R.W. Lafayette Dowdell, 33°

R.W. Julius Gordon, 33°




1199 Bruton Blvd.

Orlando, FL 32805


(407) 985-4634



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